Pre-Fill Catalog Items using Templates

29. Nov 2019Jacqueline Batt

Sometime the catalog items tend to have many variables to be filled-in while in the same time users ordering it usually always set the same values. So why not offering them a functionality to automatically fill-in the values into a service catalog item using templates (on the Service Portal). The feature could be working in a similar way to the out-of-the-box template functionality on the core UI.

Fig.1: Example of the template widget

Fig. 1: Example of the template widget.

The solution implemented consists of 2 parts:

1. A widget that lists the user’s catalog item templates with corresponding functions
2. A macro type catalog variable that has to be included in all catalog items that support templates.

Fig. 2: Create template on the catalog item order form

Fig. 2: Create template on the catalog item order form.

It all starts with filling out a catalog item order form. But instead of submitting the record, the order is saved as a template.

Saved templates can be viewed in the template widget, or directly on the catalog item to which they belong to. The user can then update, delete or rename the templates. Templates can be quickly distributed by system administrators so that user can have templates without creating any.

Fig. 3: access templates on the catalog item order form

Fig. 3: access templates on the catalog item order form

The template values are applied in a specific order on the form so that the client-side actions (catalog client script and catalog UI policies) are not conflicting with the values.

The solution supports translations, all artifacts of the template management and handling can be translated.

Implementing the solution is relatively easy. Service Portal widgets and catalog variables need to be deployed, the underlying table structure needs to be created and after a couple of smaller customization (preparing the catalog items contain the template management tool) and verification the solution is ready to be used

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Autor: Barna Kosa, 27.12.2019


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