Favorites Missing in Portal

06. Nov 2019Jacqueline Batt

Favorites Missing in Portal

Service Portal lacks a simple feature: the ability to mark certain items from the catalog as favorite, so users can have their favorites collected in one place and can easily access the order form of those items. The favorites are just a collection of links to the catalog item order forms, so they don't store filled values, this is not a template feature.

Fig. 1: Example of the service catalog in portal with favorites.

The solution implemented consists of 2 parts:

  1.  A star icon on each catalog item in the category view (where the items are rendered as cards).
  2.  A favorites widget that shows the logged in user's favorite catalog items in alphabetical order.

When clicking on an empty star at the catalog items card view, it'll toggle the star and add the item in the favorites list. By clicking the toggled star, it'll make the star empty and remove the item from the favorites list.

Clicking on the item name in the favorites list opens up the item order form. Clicking on the star on the favorites list removes the item from the favorites list. It also makes the star in the item box in the card view empty.

The solution supports translations, both in the UI (widget labels, messages) and regarding the catalog item names.

The favorites are individually stored in user preferences, each user can have their own set of favorites.

To implement the solution, all that is needed are 2 custom widgets. One to be added to the category page to show the favorites. 
One to add the star-icon to the catalog item in the category view.

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Autor: Jacqueline Batt, 06.11.2019


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